ECHO on 4º Encontro Nacional de Ciência Cidadã


It was a full immersion in citizen science projects at the 4° Encontro Nacional de Ciência Cidadã. One of them was our project „ECHO – Engaging citizens in soil science: the road to healthier soils”.

The 4th National Citizen Science Meeting (ENCC2023) took place in Coimbra, Portugal on the 27th and 28th of November 2023.

Citizen science as an open movement and practice is based on the voluntary, inclusive and committed participation of all people, who dedicate their time and knowledge to the production of knowledge. The quality of the science generated in these collaborative contexts will be better the greater and more diverse this participation is, which is why the motto of ENCC2023 will be ENGAGE.

Involve people, involve communities, involve ideas, involve knowledge, involve institutions, involve companies, involve scientists…