ECHO in Magrè


Every sip of wine tells a story about the soil it was grown in!

As we delved into the rich soil beneath the vines at Alois Lageder’s vineyards in Magrè, we were reminded of the critical connection between healthy soil and exceptional wine production. Just like a thriving ecosystem nurtures robust vineyards, the vitality of the soil lays the foundation for quality grapes and distinctive flavours in every glass of wine.

Soil health is not just essential for vineyards, but also for all areas of agriculture. From farms to orchards, sustainable soil management practices are key to preserving biodiversity, enhancing crop productivity, and mitigating environmental impact. By prioritising soil health, we embrace a sustainable approach that benefits the land, the crops, and ultimately the consumers.

So let’s raise a glass to the soil beneath our feet—along with the microbes, earthworms, and other beneficial organisms that work tirelessly to sustain our agricultural landscapes. By fostering a deep respect for soil health, we pave the way for a more resilient and regenerative future in agriculture.

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