EU Soil Day – 6 November 2023!

Every day is Soil Day! Thanks to our Partners from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Project ECHO will be featured at the EU Soil Day, taking place in Brussels on the 6th of November. This is YOUR last chance to register! See you there! 🌱 Click here to learn more.

Reviewing citizen science projects

The first ECHO milestone involves a review on previous citizen science projects, initiatives and activities that have engaged citizens to monitor soil. You can also broaden the scope by inserting your project to our list. Answer our call to contribution in the JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE newsletter! Click here too learn more.


Let us introduce our team! The success of our project is guaranteed by the participation of as many as 16 organisations from all over Europe. We are led by the Free University of Bolzano and project coordinator: Prof. Tanja Mimmo, professor of soil science at the Faculty of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences, Director of […]