Get to know ECHO Leaders: Alba Peiro, Ibercivis

After an introduction to the project by our coordinator, we sit down with Alba Peiro from Ibercivis, our Spanish partner foundation, for a conversation about their specialty – citizen science, and the many ways we can inspire youth to join our ranks. What drew Ibercivis to project ECHO? Which aspect of the project resonates with […]

ECHO in Vienna

Last week, the 5th European Citizen Science Association conference took place in beautiful Vienna. The topic of this year’s conference was CHANGE, because, as the organizers themselves explain, „we are in a time of rapid change on multiple levels”. We talked about different attitudes towards change, methods of influencing it and how citizen scientists can […]

ECHO at the 10th MCAA Conference

Last weekend, members of the Marie Curie Alumni Association met in Milan to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their organization. The MCAA brings together scholars on different career paths, united by the fact that at some point their excellent work earned them a grant from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions fund 🔬 Naturally, we wanted to […]


Precision. Automation. Efficiency.If this year’s edition of the AGROTECH trade fair is to be believed, the future of farming will be focused on saving our most precious resources – labour, energy and time. We couldn’t miss a chance to introduce tens of thousands of AGROTECH’s visitors to our project 🌿 Team Plantpress Sp. z o.o. […]

Meet our coordinator!

To kick-off our first newsletter, we interviewed our coordinator, prof. Tanja Mimmo from the Free University in Bolzano. What better way to learn about project ECHO, than from the person who holds it all together? Let’s work from the ground up. When did you discover your passion for science? TM: Since childhood, I’ve been intrigued […]

ECHO in Puławy

As the year draws to a close, we brought ECHO to one more event – the 3rd AGROEKOTON Partner Conference in Puławy, Poland 🇵🇱. Our presentation was attended by representatives of the fruit and vegetable production industry as well as various supporting institutions and universities from all over the country.We talked about environmental challenges, innovative […]


This November, Project ECHO had the opportunity to be introduced to a large audience during the Mission Soil Week in Madrid, Spain. We’re happy to report that ECHO made its mark among other projects related to soil protection, restoration, and monitoring. This edition was held under the title “Leading the transition towards healthy soils”, and […]

Green Transformation in Sandomierz

This October, project ECHO reached Sandomierz, Poland and the “Green transformation of rural areas” conference. It was attended by scientists and educators, as well as local government representatives – all eager to share knowledge about sustainable farming methods and protecting the environment. Our expert from Plantpress, Marzena Brodowska PhD, spoke about ECHO in the context […]